Why You Need Top OWI And DUI Lawyers In Michigan

First things first, we need to be sure what these words stand for. OWI stands for Operating While Intoxicated and DUI mean Driving Under Influence. They are basically both the same felony and they carry a different name based on which state prefers the term more. See more about this on the link.

If you’re regularly driving after going to the bar you need to know that you might get pulled over and get arrested for it. Worst case scenario is to make an accident and lose your life or hurt someone else and put their lives in danger. Killing someone because you were driving under influence will surely result in jail time.

That’s why it’s not recommended to drink and drive. Always leave the car at home and use other transport when you know that you’ll be drinking.

However, if you still decide to do it, you always need to have a lawyer on speed dial in case something bad happens. In order to have one on speed dial, you need to make an agreement with one before anything happens. If you think this is a good idea, you need to choose the top one.

How to choose the best?

Michigan’s DUI lawyers are excellent. Around 35,000 arrests were made in 2014 under the charge of driving while intoxicated. All these people needed representation from an attorney. That’s how you know that they are good.

When it comes to finding the best one, you need to do several things to make sure you’re getting the best. First, you need to open the internet and find some of them on those web pages where other previous clients already left a review for their work and where you can find their personal track record.

The track record is an excellent way to see if someone do their job the way it needs to be done. The track record is the score of wins and losses of the particular lawyer. With it, you’ll know if someone is capable to defend you in the court of law.

When it comes to the reviews from previous clients – you can see if the particular attorney is easy to communicate with. This is very important because if you two can get it on when there’s a situation that asks for a short notice appearance, then how would you expect them to know what they are going to defend?

If you find a person that fits perfectly in both categories, you need to ask for the price. Some lawyers are very expensive. Yes, they’ll probably do a great job, but if you can find someone else who is also good and charges less, then maybe you should hire the second one.

What you must know here is that you should never accept a very low offer. The reason for this is because those who give you a price much lower than the average are surely not including everything in it. You’ll find yourself in a situation to overpay a service that was supposed to be very affordable without knowing. Have this in mind.

Why hiring a DWI attorney is important?

Let’s say you’re being pulled over and you’re drunk. No accidents, just a regular drive check. The officer finds out you’re being intoxicated. They will immediately try to get a confession and find a reason why you should be punished.

The police officers are trained to handle these situations in a way that will make you incriminated without them being put in a position to force you to do anything. Why are we telling you this? Because this is something you must know when you get pulled over. This and lots of other incriminating tricks used by the police are well known for the lawyers. Hiring one before anything happens can help you in understanding the procedure and what you need to do.

When you get into an accident while driving intoxicated, it doesn’t matter if it’s your fault or not. You get punished for being drunk behind the wheel and that’s it. When the police arrive at the place, you need to know how to act. You must know what are your rights and obligations toward the law. This is something that a DUI attorney knows perfectly and will explain it to you.

The most important thing these attorneys do is get you out of jail or find a way to lower the sentence by advising you what to say and what not say. They’ll definitely help you not to incriminate yourself and will help you get the lowest sentence from the judge.

Understand that committing an accident while DWI is punishable and no attorney can reverse this. However, a good one will do everything in their power to make a lower fee and a jail-free sentence.

When to call your DWI legal representative

It’s best if you can do it at the spot. Right after an accident happens or you get pulled over. By the time your lawyer arrives, it’s best to only do what the police asks from you and say nothing more even if that means being taken to the station.

Of course, to do this you must have an attorney on speed-dial. The professionals working non-stop charge a little more but if you can afford this, don’t hesitate to pay. No money can clean your criminal record and your stay in jail.

Being transported to the station for interrogation is better than saying something that will incriminate you. This will be used later when the charge against you is being constructed. With the presence of a professional, you’ll have a much easier way to get out of trouble.

These are the most important reasons why you need a top Michigan lawyer when you’re facing a DUI situation. Staying out of jail is important for your life, family, and future. Don’t through everything down the drain over a one night of not thinking straight.

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