Domestic Violence in America


Domestic violence among couples who are dating and/or married is a growing concern in the United States. Statistics show that one in four females report an experience with domestic violence at some point in a relationship.

Although both men and women are victims of domestic violence, statistics show that 75 percent of abusers are men. Women between the ages of 20 and 24 account for most victims of domestic violence that includes sexual assault. In cities around the country, sexual assaults on university and college campuses have reached epidemic proportions among young college students. In Tampa, a domestic violence attorney Hillsborough County sees many young adults who report some type of domestic violence experience during their college years.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), statistics show that up to 50 percent of men arrested for domestic violence have substance abuse problems with alcohol and/or drugs. Arrest records reveal that 30 percent of abusers are high on alcohol or drugs at the time of a domestic violence assault and up to 90 percent use alcohol or drugs during the day the domestic violence incident occurs. In reported cases of domestic violence that involve attempted murder, 70 percent of cases include assailants that are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Cocaine and heroin addiction is commonly linked to domestic violence that results in injuries, however, the use of marijuana and opioid prescription pain medications linked to domestic violence are on the rise, especially with young adults.

Whether couples are married or just dating, domestic violence should never be tolerated. Victims are encouraged to get out abusive relationships as quickly as possible to prevent potential injuries or fatalities from escalated violence. The CDC reports that over 15 million children in America live in families where domestic violence occurs, and seven million children witness serious injuries or fatalities to a parent each year. Children who witness domestic violence to a parent or sibling, or are victims of domestic violence themselves, are forever changed by the experience. Unfortunately, some children who grow up around domestic violence become perpetrators later in life.

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