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The Summer of Innovation

Even in a pandemic, or especially in a pandemic, law firms can’t give up on investing in their people. Because that’s their real asset. Even in a world teeming with exciting new tech and business models, there’s no replacing skilled associates and staff. They are the ones who will innovate, cultivate relationships, and energize the cycle of wooing and retaining clients.

But how do firms invest in their human assets, especially when money is tight? The good news: Salary and perks are becoming less relevant for many young attorneys. Instead, they’re clamoring for culture, mentoring, and, yes, training. When attorneys feel like they are picking up new skills, when they feel like their firm is investing in their careers, and when they feel like their firm is training them to succeed, they stick around.

But lawful educating is expensive. Inning accordance with one survey, larger companies invest up-wards of $20,000 to educate new lawyers. That can invest that throughout a pandemic?

Many companies are finding that they can satisfy their educating needs without the daunting price. Various other markets have found that advanced educating solutions such as on-demand e-learning and mixed learning can load a larger educating strike compared to the traditional one-off sessions most lawful companies still depend on. And they do so at a portion of the cost. That is why over 80% of corporate America uses e-learning to educate their groups.

The online summer has triggered many companies to explore e-learning solutions. Besides, e-learning is versatile, affordable, and customized.

This summer, Write.legislation, in collaboration with various other prominent lawful fitness instructors such as Ross Guberman, saw that companies could take advantage of more e-learning options. We put with each other a collection of e-learning programming to support summer associates and inbound lawyers throughout this unmatched time. The plan was simple: Produce the finest e-learning programming that we could and maintain it affordable. And use the newest educating research to earn certain the program owns outcomes.

Ross Guberman’s BriefCatch began us off by producing an interactive competitors that helps associates take advantage of lawful technology and modifying devices in their practice. We after that produced a compendium of bite-sized and on-demand video clips, interactive lessons, and hands-on tasks to maintain associates involved and learning. We concentrated on core abilities we understood companies and lawyers wish for, such as technology, efficiency, writing, discussion abilities, mindfulness, and networking. By doing this, companies could support their new lawyers from another location, motivate them to hone their abilities, and see much more educating outcomes compared to they had in previous years.

The response has been both stunning and humbling. Dozens of major law firms are participating in our e-learning program and are working with us to make their virtual summers successful. And dozens more have shared their plans to provide flexible e-learning to their summer associates in different ways.

No doubt all of us in the legal industry will learn many lessons during this crisis. One silver lining may be that more lawyers embrace the power of technology and innovation. But perhaps just as important, firms and other legal employers may also come to appreciate the power and nimbleness of state-of-the-art e-learning and other novel training solutions that suit both our trying times and our newest generation of lawyers.

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