The Most Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

Each person has the responsibility to act with a reasonable amount of care when it comes to associating with other people around them. When a person is neglectful or careless in their responsibility to another, the injured party can seek monetary compensation from them. This compensation is awarded based on physical, emotional, and damages from an injury that occurred due to the neglect. There are various cases that are commonly brought to court that involve the field of personal injury law.

Vehicle accidents ring in as the number one type of personal injury case filed. Due to the high number of factors that are involved in automobile crashes, there is always a party that is considered at fault for another person’s injury or damages. Some cases of neglect include distracted drivers, poor road maintenance, and faulty signals. Those who are injured can seek compensation from the party’s deemed at fault for the car accident.

Another common type of personal injury claim is in the public liability sector. This is a large portion of personal injury law and contains many sub-sections, such as slips and falls. These types of personal injuries occur due to the negligence of a business, organization, or Government agency. Some examples of negligence include failure to comply with building codes, poorly labeled areas of danger, and faulty equipment.

Product liability is another common personal injury case in the United States. These happen as a result of a dangerous or defective product where an individual is injured as a result. The Government requires that all product manufacturers meet ordinary expectations for product quality and consumer safety concerning the functioning and safety of the products they release to the public. Most product liability cases happen as a result of a defect of the product during manufacturing or inadequate marketing about safety warnings associated with the product.

Another common area of personal injury law is medical malpractice. This term encompasses another large sector of personal injury law. In most cases, this will occur when a doctor doesn’t provide an accurate diagnosis when given adequate information. Individuals who were injured as a result of wrong treatment or incurred further injury of their problem due to delays in the proper medical treatment can make a personal injury claim against a doctor. Nursing home abuse is another sector in medical malpractice which is becoming more and more noticeable in personal injury claims. This type of claim happens when a patient is not treated with reasonable medical care. You should contact a nursing home abuse attorney in St. Louis if you or a loved one have been the victim of medical malpractice that took place in a nursing home.

Personal injury claims happen all the time through the United States. The above are just some of the many different types of claims that are filed each year. If you have been the victim of another person’s neglect, we highly encourage you to speak with a licensed personal injury attorney in order to file a claim to receive compensation.

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