Impairments That May Qualify You for Social Security Disability Payments

Many people start their careers with the idea that they will remain in that same industry until they retire, but some people find that they have medical conditions that prevent them from working. Though you might assume that Social Security pays out for those born with certain disabilities, it also covers medical conditions that occur later in life. You’ll need to meet some requirements and file for your payments, which usually requires finding a lawyer to file for you. It’s helpful to look at some of the conditions that may help you get payments from the government.

Mental Disorders

It wasn’t that long ago that the government denied Social Security to those suffering from mental disorders, but the law now allows those suffering from some conditions to see disability coverage. Depression is one of the more common disorders covered, but the government will also cover schizophrenia, anxiety disorders and other conditions that affect an individual’s ability to work and care for himself or herself. You will typically need to prove that you had the disorder for an extended period of time and that you attempted to work after receiving a diagnosis. Your doctors may need to fill out some paperwork on your behalf too.


Social Security payments are available to some people who suffer from certain types of cancer too. Cancer is a serious medical condition that can affect any part of your body. It can cause a significant amount of pain that makes it hard for you to concentrate at work and get through a day on the job. Cancer treatments can be just as harsh as the disease itself and make it impossible for you to work too.

Digestive Issues

Some digestive issues can lead to individuals receiving payments too. One example is something called inflammatory bowel syndrome, which causes inflammation and pain in the bowels. Those with chronic liver problems and those who had a liver transplant may also qualify. Other types of transplant recipients often receive coverage too, which can last for a few years or for the rest of the individual’s life. Working with an SSI Portland attorney or professional is one of the best ways to find out if your medical condition will help you receive financial help. These professionals live and work in other cities and can help patients recently diagnosed and those dealing with long-term impairments.

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