Does What You Wear Still Matter

Does what you wear still matter in the eyes of those who matter? Whether it is your day in court or you are there for someone else, does anyone even care what you come in dressed like? According to Forbes, the casual dress might soon become a thing of the past. It seems employees and people, in general, are happier in an environment that allows them more freedom to wear whatever they choose to wear. Could this be becoming an epidemic of epic portions where the dress code for life is being tossed out the window? Does anybody even care anymore what you wear? In a New York Post article, it was observed that people dressed like slobs when attending a Broadway show. Many years ago, that would have never happened. People has more class and care in their appearance and how others saw them. From sweatpants and tee shirts to pajamas, clothing items that would never be seen outside of a gym or the home are now being seen as in public as regular apparel. Maybe you don’t care what others think of you which is fine, however, have you no self-respect for yourself? Next time you have to go to court, try to wear something professional. If you dress a little better, you might actually feel better about yourself.

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