Be Careful Around the Pool This Summer

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With summer and the hot sun just ahead, it’s almost time to head out to the pool for a refreshing dip in some cool water. Whether you use a backyard pool, a community pool, or a hotel pool, swimming is fun for the entire family.

Although swimming pools provide great exercise and relaxation, they also contribute to thousands of injuries each year from slip and fall accidents. Wet surfaces around swimming pools are very dangerous, especially to young children who may run and play around the pool. Children are particularly vulnerable to slip and fall accidents around the pool, even with adult supervision. They don’t realize that they may suffer serious injuries such as sprains, fractures and broken bones, severe head trauma, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries that can lead to permanent paralysis.

Common slip and fall injuries around the pool include:

·         Serious Sprains

When a sudden fall occurs, people impulsively use their hands to break the fall or regain their balance. This often results in serious sprains to the wrists, hands, and fingers.

·         Broken Clavicles

Suddenly falling forward on a hard surface can slam the chest and face into the ground at high impact. If the collarbone hits the ground, the impact can shatter the clavicle.

·         Fractured Tailbones

With a sudden fall backward, it’s natural to try to break the fall by sitting down. Unfortunately, that impact can cause severe bruising and fractures to the tailbone.

·         Neck and Head Injuries

With a sudden forward or backward fall, whiplash often occurs from trying to prevent your head from hitting the ground. If your head does hit a hard surface with impact, the result is often a concussion, skull fracture, head trauma, and even brain damage.

·         Spinal Cord Injuries

Suddenly falling backward on a hard, slippery pool deck can easily cause injuries to your spine. Common injuries include vertebrae chips or fractures, nerve damage, and ruptured discs. If injuries are severe, they can lead to permanent spinal cord damage and paralysis.

The Law Offices of Patrcik G. Cadiz can help with slip and fall accidents and injuries. It’s important to have a fun, safe summer without injuries around the pool.

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