Types of Child Custody Cases and How Family Court Makes a Decision

One of the most stressful parts of divorce is the matter of child custody. It’s helpful to know a little something about the custody options and how judges decide what the best situation is for those children involved in the custody battle.

Four Types of Child Custody

  1. Physical Custody

This is primarily what people think of when they consider child custody cases. It has to do with the living arrangements of the child, or children. The parent granted physical custody has been given the right to have the children live with him or her at that parent’s home. In some cases, a judge may grant joint physical custody, which allows the children to share residences with both parents.

  1. Legal Custody

This type of custody gives a parent or guardian the right to make parenting decisions for the child. Issues involving healthcare, education, and day to day living are to be …

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Quality Aspects an Attorney Should Have

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How Much Experience Does Your Attorney Have?

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